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Explore Our Diverse Collection of Wall Trims

Wall Trims, your one-stop-shop for all your trim and wall finishing needs, including versatile Wall Trim, durable uPVC Trim, and sturdy Metal Trims. Our collection, offering both plastic trims and elegant mouldings, transforms your space where walls meet doors and windows.

Great for Daily Repair Jobs

Functionality of Wall Trims

A Wall Trim is essential for protecting walls against daily wear and tear. Acting as a barrier, it’s the ultimate guard against wear and tear. More than just protection; it’s a style enhancer that seamlessly concealing gaps. With Wall Trim, experience a blend of durability and elegance that transforms your home design.

Functionality of Wall Trims

Wall Trims for a Stylish Makeover!

Trims play a crucial role in shaping the character of a room. They frame, add depth, and turn walls into an accentuate architectural feature. Choose from our elegant crown moulding to charming baseboards for an instant style upgrade.

Dive into our extensive collection of Plastic Starter Trims. Discover the difference and elevate your home with our standout selection!

Discover the exceptional variety in our Plastic H or Mid Joint Trims collection – these trims are designed to enhance your space with style and precision!

Explore the exceptional range of our Plastic Internal Corner Trims, where each piece transcends beyond the ordinary, adding superior style and reliability!

Venture into our extensive selection of Plastic Quadrant Trims, crafted to go beyond the conventional, ensuring a sleek and refined finish!

Plastic Trims Also Known as uPVC Trims

Discover the efficiency of uPVC Trims, the smart choice for affordable and practical Plastic Wall Trim. Lightweight yet strong, they are made to stand up to impacts, moisture, and pests with ease. uPVC Trims are ideal for enhancing any home, complementing a variety of interior designs with their versatile style.

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Metal Trims

Step into the realm of Metal Trims, the ultimate selection for superior Wall Trim protection. Boasting unparalleled strength and endurance, they are perfect for high-traffic and commercial areas. With Metal Trims, expect unmatched durability and resilience, guaranteeing long-lasting performance even under intense conditions.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Wall Trims

Welcome to Wall Trims, your premier destination for all wall trim needs, where we offer an extensive selection to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of any space. Located in the heart of Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, we proudly serve customers nationwide, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of our products wherever you are in the country. Our product range caters to various preferences and requirements, featuring a diverse collection of styles, materials, and finishes. Whether you’re revamping your living room, completing an office setup, or adding finishing touches to any project, Wall Trims provides high-quality options that promise to elevate your environment.

Our commitment extends beyond just supplying products; we strive to offer comprehensive support to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast working on a personal project or a trade professional seeking dependable supplies, our dedicated team is equipped to guide and assist you. With expertise in everything related to trims, we can answer any queries you may have and guide you to the best products to achieve a polished finish for your projects.

Wall Trims Customer-Centric Service & Support

At Wall Trims, our commitment to exceptional customer service and expert guidance underpins everything we do. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to assist you, ready to answer any questions and help you make informed choices about our products. You can reach us at 01642 455945, where our friendly staff is eager to support both retail and industry traders, ensuring advice that complements both the aesthetics and practicalities of your projects. We pride ourselves on providing a service that caters personally to each customer’s needs.

From the moment you browse our selection to the point you place your order, you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease that define our service. Our nationwide delivery ensures that your selected trims are delivered promptly and in pristine condition, setting the stage for your project’s success. Should you require any help, please feel free to contact our dedicated team who are available to assist you. Choose Wall Trims to transform your space with style and professionalism, whether you’re buying for personal use or stocking up for business purposes. We are dedicated to delivering quality and satisfaction with every order.