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Looking for the best chrome and white external corner trim? We’ve got you covered with sizes from 10mm, 8mm, to 5mm. Make your corners shine by shopping with us now!

Welcome to WallTrims, your top source for external corner trims in Middlesbrough, UK. Now, you may be wondering – what exactly are external corner trims? Imagine them as protective jackets for your walls, specifically for those often overlooked but important corners. They neatly cap off these edges, giving your walls a smooth, professional finish. These handy trimmings protect your wall corners from the usual wear and tear, keeping your property looking sharp and well-maintained.

But there’s more to these trims than meets the eye. Beyond adding a polished touch, they’re designed for durability. They combat the impacts of daily life, from accidental bumps to scrapes, ensuring your corners stay safeguarded for years. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your space or add a practical layer of protection, WallTrims’ external corner trims are the ideal choice. Step in and let’s give your walls the care they deserve!

Benefits of External Corner Trims

Absolutely, let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of external corner trims. These marvels of design are more than just a pretty face. They’re like the superheroes of the décor world, each one possessing special powers that make your home or office better in many ways. Here are six of their super abilities:

  • Protection: Just like a superhero shields the city, these trims safeguard your wall corners from damage, ensuring they can withstand daily life without losing their charm.
  • Ease of Maintenance: External corner trims are the low-maintenance friends we all wish for. Their surfaces are easy to clean, keeping your walls looking fresh and new with minimal effort.
  • Value Addition: By boosting your room’s aesthetics, trims have a secret power of increasing the value of your property. It’s an investment that pays back!
  • Versatility: Their shape-shifting ability lets them fit into any room or décor style with ease. Be it a modern loft or a traditional cottage, there’s a trim for every setting.
  • Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, these trims are designed to last, much like a superhero’s invincible armour.
  • Easy Installation: They come to your rescue fast with their easy-to-install feature, saving you time and trouble during your renovation projects.

With these benefits, it’s clear that external corner trims offer more than just visual appeal. They’re a simple yet powerful addition to any property, providing a range of practical advantages while also enhancing the aesthetics of your space. Investing in external corner trims from WallTrims means choosing an option that’s not only stylish but also long-lasting and convenient – a true hero in the world of wall décor!

Aesthetics of External Corner Trims

External corner trims play an integral role in enhancing the aesthetics of any space. These design elements serve as crucial complementary features, similar to the role that well-chosen accessories play in completing an outfit. Let’s examine three key options:

White External Corner Trim:

Like the classic white dress shirt in the world of interiors, the white external corner trim from WallTrims offers a timeless, versatile aesthetic. Seamlessly integrating with a multitude of decor styles, it acts as a unifying, harmonious element in your space. Its minimalist charm embraces your unique design vision, from bold patterns to subtle hues. Beyond mere functionality, White External Corner Trim adds an enduring touch of elegance across decor styles and trends, ensuring your corners are not just safeguarded, but always dressed to impress.

Chrome External Corner Trim:

Echoing the gleam of a modern statement piece of jewellery, the chrome external corner trim from WallTrims offers a dash of contemporary elegance to your space. Its sleek, reflective finish mirrors the sophistication of modern design sensibilities, transforming your corners from mere structural necessities into focal points of style. The chrome external corner trim is more than a protective element—it’s an expression of refined taste, adding a hint of modern glamour to every corner it adorns.

Black External Corner Trim:

Channelling the versatility and style of a trendy black blazer, WallTrims’ black external corner trim serves as a striking design element in your decor. Its bold presence lends a contrasting edge in lighter-toned spaces, while harmoniously blending with darker colour palettes. More than just a protective feature, the black external corner trim is an integral part of your design toolkit, infusing every corner with a touch of sophisticated drama.

At WallTrims, we’re proud to offer an extensive colour palette that caters to a diverse range of tastes and styles, including subtle Beige, sleek Anthracite Grey, and many more. Whether you’re aiming to achieve a sense of colour harmony or looking to introduce contrasting hues for a more dynamic aesthetic, our comprehensive selection has got you covered. Explore the world of WallTrims and elevate your walls with our premium, colour-rich trims.

Functionality of External Corner Trims

External corner trims aren’t just about looking good – they’re about working hard, too. Think of them as the star athletes of your home or office space, each with their own special strengths. At WallTrims, we offer two main types: plastic and metal, each designed for different conditions.

Plastic Trims:

Our plastic trims are like the nimble gymnasts of the trim world. They’re light on their feet, which makes them easy to install and handle. But don’t let their lightweight nature fool you. They’re robust and resilient, capable of enduring everyday wear and tear with ease. These are a fantastic choice for areas that don’t see a heavy traffic, like a home office or a bedroom.

Metal Trims:

Metal trims, on the other hand, are the sturdy weightlifters. Known for their strength and durability, they can withstand a lot of heavy use without showing signs of fatigue. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas that need an extra level of protection, like corridors, commercial spaces, or busy living areas.

No matter which types you go for, one thing is certain: these trims are built to last. They’re designed to take on the rigours of daily life, standing up to the test of time and continuing to look great while doing it. So, when you choose an external corner trim from WallTrims, you’re not just adding a stylish accessory, you’re making a practical, long-lasting upgrade to your property.

External Corner Trims to Suit Different Sizes

At WallTrims, we celebrate diversity and uniqueness in every property. We understand that, just like people, no two buildings are the same, each one with its own distinctive charm and set of needs. For this reason, we offer our external corner trims in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every space.

10mm External Corner Trim:

The 10mm external corner trim is like the jack of all trades. It’s versatile and an excellent all-rounder, suitable for a broad range of applications. Whether you’re looking to safeguard a spacious living room corner or cap off an external edge in your office, the 10mm external corner trim stands ready to perform with elegance and efficiency.

8mm External Corner Trim:

The 8mm external corner trim is the perfect fit for those slightly smaller spaces. It nestles neatly into corners that may be a tad too compact for the 10mm trim, ensuring a snug fit. in addition, the 8mm external corner trim is just as robust and stylish. This guarantees that no corner, no matter the size, is left without protection.

5mm External Corner Trim:

Then there’s our 5mm trim, the specialist for delicate, narrow corners. It’s like the precision artist of our range, designed to cater to those tight spots without compromising on protection or aesthetic appeal.

At WallTrims, we believe that every corner, regardless of its size, deserves the same level of style and protection. Our diverse range of sizes ensures that every corner in your property can be catered to, maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout. You can trust in WallTrims to deliver the perfect fit, every time.

Why Get External Corner Trims for Your Property?

Choosing external corner trims for your property is a decision that combines style and practicality. These unsung heroes subtly enhance your space’s aesthetics while providing essential protection to your wall corners. This not only ensures the longevity of your interiors but can also contribute to the value of your property. Enhance your space with our stylish corner trims,  available in 10mm, 5mm, and 8mm external corner trim sizes.

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