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Plastic H Trim 1 Part | 3mm | White | 2440mm length

Feature Details
Product Type Plastic H Trim 1 Part
Thickness 3mm
Colour White
Length 2440mm


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Introducing the 3mm H Trim White. This trim is simple yet elegant. It’s perfect for those who value minimalist design. If you want to highlight room borders, this is for you. If you need a neat finish between panels, look no further.

Let’s discuss the Plastic H Trim 1 Part | 3mm | White | 2440mm length. This trim speaks modern elegance. It’s crafted for today’s interiors. Bold or subtle, it doesn’t matter. This H Trim will blend effortlessly. It’s about seamless integration, and this trim does that.

With its 3mm thickness, it stands out. It doesn’t shout, but it makes its presence felt. And the white color? It’s timeless. It adds charm and grace. With this trim, there’s no fear of color clashes. It complements all designs.

But beauty isn’t its only strength. The trim promises top quality. It’s made of strong plastic. It’s built to resist wear and tear. Long-lasting? Absolutely. Easy to install? Definitely. Low maintenance? Yes, that too. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s loved.

The Plastic H Trim 1 Part boasts a length of 2440mm. This ensures coverage and a neat finish. It doesn’t just act as a border. It elevates the room’s look. Its presence enhances design aesthetics.

To sum it up, this H Trim is a blend of style and function. It’s versatile and durable. Furthermore, it ensures your interiors look modern and stylish. Choose this trim. Stay ahead in design. With this trim, style is always on your side.