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Aluminium External Corner Trim – Dumaplast | 12mm x 16mm | Satin Anodised | 2600mm Length


Type Aluminium External Corner Trim – Dumaplast
Dimensions 12mm x 16mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Satin Anodised | Silver


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Transform your kitchen or bathroom with our Aluminium External Corner Trim – Dumaplast 12mmx16mm Satin Anodised 2600mm. Its sleek design fits perfectly in cladding installations, while the Satin Anodised finish adds a modern touch to any space.

Enhance Your Spaces with the Aluminium External Corner Trim:

Our Dumaplast External Corner Trim in Satin Anodised 12mmx16mm, extending 2600mm, stands as a symbol of versatility. It sophisticatedly finishes corners, neatly encloses pipes, and strengthens frequently used areas. Moreover, the installation process is straightforward. Firstly, clean the area, then apply a suitable adhesive, and finally secure the trim until it firmly adheres. For a flawless finish, we recommend sealing the edges with silicone, thus creating a watertight barrier, crucial in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms.

Satin Anodised for Contemporary Elegance and Functionality:

The Satin Anodised finish of this trim introduces a unique aesthetic. It harmoniously blends with a variety of colour palettes, thereby elevating your space’s visual appeal. Additionally, silicone sealing not only adds to its aesthetic but also boosts its durability, rendering it a trustworthy choice in humid environments. This corner trim embodies modern elegance fused with practical functionality.

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