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Metal Bath and Shower Trim 1 Part Base Seal | 11.5mm | White | 2400mm length

Product Type Bath Shower Tray Seal
Length 2400mm
Size 11.5mm
To Suit Panels 11mm
Construction Metal
Colour White
Brand Baseseal
Application Bath & Shower Tray


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Discover the Metal Bath and Shower Trim 1 Part Base Seal 11.5mm White 2400mm. This trim is an excellent addition to bathrooms and kitchens. It is specially crafted to offer a watertight seal between the bath or shower and the wall. It is designed for an 11mm-11.5mm panel. The trim measures 2400mm in length. Additionally, it is white in colour.

Features and How to Install:

Firstly, this trim is moisture-resistant. Hence, it is perfect for wet areas. The product is highly durable and easy to maintain. Secondly, the installation process is straightforward. Begin by turning off the water supply. Next, remove any old trim that may exist. The area should be prepared with plumber’s tape. Then align the new trim according to guidelines. Proceed to secure the trim with screws. After that, apply silicone sealant around the edges. The objective is to achieve a watertight seal. Always remember to consult the manufacturer’s guide. Additionally, prepare tools like a screwdriver and measuring tape. Plumber’s tape and a caulking gun are also needed. Thirdly, let’s talk about aesthetics. The white finish is versatile. It pairs well with a variety of hues. This colour also contrasts beautifully against darker shades. As a result, you can elevate the look of your property.

The Value of Choosing Metal Bath and Shower Trim:

In summary, the Metal Bath and Shower Trim 1 Part Base Seal 11.5mm White 2400mm is a wise investment. It offers both function and form. It provides a watertight seal. This is crucial for preventing moisture-related issues. Its white colour adds flexibility in design. You can either match it with similar tones or create contrast for aesthetic appeal. Above all, the trim is easy to install and maintain. It ensures your bath and shower area remains both functional and stylish.

For expert advice on the ideal trim, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.