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PVC Window Sill End Cap – Rounded End | 120mm | White

Feature Details
Product Type Window Sill End Cap
Design Rounded End
Size 120mm
Colour White


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The 120mm Window Sill End Cap showcases top-tier craftsmanship. Every detail is perfect. The design ensures window sills stand out. So, your home has an elegant touch.

This accessory is a must-have. It adds to your window sills’ beauty. The PVC Window Sill End Cap is special. It has a rounded end. Also, it’s 120mm in size and white in color. This design choice means a blend of beauty and use. So, your window sills look great and last long.

This end cap is made from the best PVC. Thus, it’s strong. It fights off wear and tear. Its white color suits all designs. Your home will have a unified look.

The rounded shape of this end cap is key. It makes the finish soft. Plus, it keeps your home safe. There are no sharp edges. So, the risk of harm is low. The end cap fits 120mm sills perfectly. Hence, there’s no gap for water or dirt. This design choice ensures the sills stay clean and dry.

Setting up the end cap is easy. Its design is simple. When added, the window area looks better. The end cap blends in. So, it feels like a part of the home.

In short, this end cap is more than a decor piece. It brings beauty and use together. You get an accessory that’s both nice and handy. Thus, the end cap stands out.

Finally, the 120mm Window Sill End Cap is a top choice. It gives windows a polished look. Plus, it ensures they last long. So, for those who want the best, this is it.