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uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 25mm | Anthracite Smooth | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type D Mould Trim
Size 25mm
Colour Anthracite Grey
Material High-Quality uPVC
Length 2500mm


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Enhance your uPVC projects with the 25mm D Mould Trim Anthracite Smooth. This trim adds modern style. The smooth Anthracite finish is its highlight.

Consider the uPVC D Mould Trim for your uPVC projects. Its full name is uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 25mm | Anthracite Smooth | 2500mm length. Deeplas crafts this trim to perfection. They’re a trusted uPVC product maker. The trim brings modern flair with its Anthracite finish. Its length is generous. It fits various tasks.

The color is Anthracite Smooth. It looks sleek. It has a modern vibe. Use it on window frames or door frames. It’s also great for other uPVC structures. The material is top-quality uPVC. This means it’s durable. The trim keeps its fresh look for years. You won’t see wear and tear soon.

This trim’s size is precise: 25mm in width and 2500mm in length. This D mould trim is versatile. You can use it in many projects. Are you a professional? Or do you like DIY projects? Either way, this trim is for you. It’s easy to handle. You’ll get a neat finish without much effort. Your uPVC tasks will shine.

In the end, this trim is an excellent choice. Its full specifications are 25mm | Anthracite Smooth | 2500mm length. Deeplas ensures its quality. It’s versatile. It has a sleek modern design. If you want quality and style, choose this trim. It will make your uPVC projects stand out. This trim adds class. Plus, it lasts for a long time.