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uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 25mm | Chartwell Green | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type D Mould Trim
Size 25mm
Colour Chartwell Green
Material High-Quality uPVC
Length 2500mm (Customizable)


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The 25mm D Mould Trim Chartwell Green is here. This trim is special. It suits all uPVC projects. Its design stands out. The trim is stylish. The Chartwell Green finish speaks of grace. This shade of green is lovely. The trim is great for many parts. It fits windows well. It suits doors. It’s great for many uPVC structures.

There’s more. Consider the uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 25mm | Chartwell Green | 2500mm length. This trim is a solution. It’s designed for uPVC projects. Deeplas made this trim with care. They are experts in this field. The trim shines in Chartwell Green. It’s a pretty shade. It lifts the look of projects. This trim is versatile. It fits windows and doors. It suits all uPVC structures.

Chartwell Green is a top pick. Many people choose it. It has a classic touch. The shade feels fresh every time. It adds warmth. It is calming too. The trim’s material is uPVC. This ensures two things. It promises long life. It will also stay looking new.

This trim is 25mm in size. This size works for many needs. It suits pros. It’s great for DIY lovers too. Handling it is a breeze. Its length is a generous 2500mm. You can adjust it. It will match your project size. The finish will always be smooth.

In short, this trim is a star. It’s called uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 25mm | Chartwell Green | 2500mm length. It offers much. It’s about quality. It’s about style. It gives you choices. If you want charm, choose this. For a long life, pick this trim. It makes uPVC tasks shine.