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uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 30mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type D Mould Trim
Size 30mm
Color Anthracite Grey
Material Exceptional uPVC by Deeplas
Length 2500mm


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The 30mm D Mould Trim Anthracite Grey offers a novel touch. It’s ideal for every uPVC project. Are you thinking of a makeover? Perhaps starting afresh? The Anthracite Grey color is your answer. Its modern flair fits diverse designs.

Transform your uPVC ventures. Use the uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 30mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length. It’s a master creation by Deeplas. A perfect fusion of elegance and superior quality, it sets a new benchmark. It lifts the bar for uPVC fittings everywhere.

Anthracite Grey captures the spirit of the times. It’s a contemporary shade, yet timeless. Combined with Deeplas’s meticulous craft, it shines. Every space adorned with it oozes a blend of modernity and ageless charm.

Crafted from top-notch uPVC, the D mould trim excels. It combats UV rays, moisture, and the roughness of daily life. Durability is its second name. It promises longevity with barely any upkeep. It’s a top pick for every uPVC assignment.

The uPVC D Mould Trim is set at a 30mm width. Its length stands at a neat 2500mm. These dimensions make it a fit for a range of tasks. From doors to windows, it integrates seamlessly. Visually, it’s a treat. Structurally, it’s rock solid.

To conclude, the uPVC D Mould Trim by Deeplas represents commitment. At 30mm width, Anthracite Grey shade, and 2500mm length, it’s the top-tier choice. Anyone eyeing a blend of aesthetics and resilience in their uPVC endeavors should opt for this.