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uPVC D Mould Trim – Deeplas | 30mm | White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type D Mould Trim
Size 30mm
Colour White
Material Prime-Quality uPVC
Length 2500mm


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Step into the world of the 30mm D Mould Trim White. Its pristine White shade offers unmatched elegance. This particular hue is cherished by both classical and modern designers, making the trim exceptionally versatile.

Elevate your spaces with this uPVC D Mould Trim. With dimensions of 30mm by 2500mm, its design is thoughtful. Deeplas, the mastermind behind this trim, ensures unparalleled craftsmanship. Here, pure beauty meets functional modernity.

Historically, white symbolizes various virtues. It speaks volumes about purity, serenity, and luxury. Furthermore, it’s a shade that effortlessly integrates into any decor. Whether you’re going for a minimalist approach or a vibrant theme, white fits perfectly. This uPVC D Mould Trim, graced with a crisp White tone, acts as an ambassador of sophistication. Your uPVC fixtures, when adorned with it, exude a simplistic yet luxurious vibe.

Craftsmanship is evident in every inch. Deeplas utilizes top-tier uPVC for its construction. Notably, this material boasts resilience against environmental adversaries like inclement weather, UV rays, and routine wear and tear. So, while it adds a visual appeal, it also promises longevity with minimal maintenance.

Given its dimensions, installation is a breeze. Measuring a precise 30mm in width and a lengthy 2500mm, it’s tailored for diverse applications. Hence, whether you’re framing windows, doors, or enhancing other architectural features, this uPVC D Mould Trim promises perfection. The result is consistently a cohesive and impeccable finish.

In conclusion, the uPVC D Mould Trim stands as a testament to Deeplas’s dedication. It beautifully combines aesthetic allure with functionality. Opt for this trim to infuse spaces with a charm that’s both timeless and of top-tier quality.