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Plastic Skirting Board – Espumo 201 | 80mm | White | 2400mm length

Material High-Quality Plastic
Model Espumo 201
Height 80mm
Color White
Length 2400mm


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Embark on a journey with the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 201 80mm White 2400mm. This product shines in both kitchen and bathroom applications. Moreover, it graces your space with a timeless white finish.

Delve Deeper into the Remarkable Attributes of Plastic Skirting Boards:

Firstly, let’s examine its robustness. The board features durable PVC material. This guarantees longevity and easy maintenance. Secondly, dimensions are key. The board stands at 80mm in height. Additionally, it stretches to 2400mm in length. Versatility is hence assured. Next, consider its aesthetic role. The white shade of this board is a stylistic asset. It complements various wall colours. Alternatively, it can serve as a contrasting piece. Additionally, installation proves straightforward. Initially, measurements are taken. Then pieces are cut accordingly. MB Megabond Adhesive is the ideal companion for this task. Utilising hybrid polymer technology, it offers a watertight seal. Therefore, silicone sealant is essential for moisture-prone areas. Corners require a 45-degree cut for a snug fit.

Why Plastic Skirting Board is a Must-Have:

To summarise, the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 201 80mm White 2400mm is both practical and visually appealing. Coupled with MB Megabond Adhesive, its installation is a cinch. Lastly, it’s an investment in durability and style for any interior setting.

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