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Plastic Skirting Board – Espumo 205 | 80mm | Anthracite | 2400mm length

Material Plastic
Model Espumo 205
Height 80mm
Color Anthracite
Length 2400mm


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If you are looking for an ideal solution for wall-floor junctions in your home, particularly in areas exposed to moisture, the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 205 80mm Anthracite 2400mm Length is a top-notch choice. This skirting board combines function and style. It is particularly tailored for spaces like your kitchen and bathroom.

The Versatility and Functionality of Our Skirting Board:

Our product goes beyond serving as a mere baseboard. High-quality PVC material forms its construction, ensuring a long-lasting life. Its dimensions of 80mm in height and 2400mm in length make it versatile for various room sizes. One standout feature is its water resistance, making it a perfect choice for bathrooms or kitchens. Installation is straightforward; you can use MB Megabond Adhesive to glue it directly onto your walls. This adhesive employs hybrid polymer technology, assuring a watertight seal. For corner fittings, you’ll need to cut the board at a 45-degree angle to achieve a perfect fit. You can also apply a silicone sealant along the top edge, providing an extra layer of water resistance. This is especially useful in bath or shower areas.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Offering Styling Flexibility:

The anthracite colour, or warm grey, offers versatile design possibilities. It pairs well with many wall colours and can act as a contrasting element to elevate the look of your property. The skirting board also comes reversible. One side features an Ogee curve, adding an elegant touch, while the other side has a partly chamfered edge for a modern look. This two-in-one design boosts your room’s visual interest and offers extra styling options.

The Many Uses of Our Skirting Board:

In summary, the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 205 80mm Anthracite 2400mm Length is a blend of utility and elegance. Its waterproof features make it particularly useful in moisture-prone environments. The reversible design elements, ease of installation, and the aesthetic versatility make this product a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

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