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MDF Skirting Board Estilo 301 | 75mm | White | 2400mm length

Material MDF
Model Estilo 301
Height 75mm
Color White
Length 2400mm


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Introducing our MDF Skirting Board Estilo 301 75mm White 2400mm. This skirting board is the perfect addition for your bathroom and kitchen spaces. It offers a chic white finish that complements a broad range of interiors.

Features and Installation:

Dive into the details of this skirting board. It is crafted from sturdy PVC. This ensures long-lasting use and minimal upkeep. It has dimensions of 75mm in height and 2400mm in length. This makes it adaptable for various room sizes. The board’s white colour gives you plenty of design freedom. You can match it with multiple shades or use it to contrast darker hues. The installation process is straightforward. First, measure and cut the boards. Next, secure them to the wall using MB Megabond Adhesive. This adhesive employs hybrid polymer technology for a waterproof seal. Proper alignment is crucial. For corners, cut at a 45-degree angle to ensure a snug fit. Finally, apply a silicone sealant along the top for extra moisture resistance. This is especially important in wet areas like bathrooms.

Why Choose MDF Skirting Boards:

To sum up, the MDF Skirting Board Estilo 301 75mm White 2400mm is a fusion of style and function. Its durable material and adaptable dimensions make it an excellent choice. Coupled with the powerful MB Megabond Adhesive, you get a product that not only looks good but also lasts long. For those focusing on aesthetics and performance, this skirting board is the perfect pick.

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