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PVC Window Sill Board – Rounded Edge | 260mm | Gloss White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Product Type Window Sill
Length 2500mm
Width 260mm
Colour Gloss White
Construction Plastic
Edge Design Rounded Edge


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The 260mm Window Sill Gloss White is here. It’s a blend of style and practicality. Think about your windows. Now, imagine them with a unique touch. This PVC Window Sill Board does that. The 260mm design isn’t just about size. It’s about a wider, more beautiful look.

Have you heard of the PVC Window Sill Board? It’s not just any board. It boasts a rounded edge. And the dimensions? A width of 260mm and a length of 2500mm. This sizing is perfect. It suits small windows and stretches for the large ones. The design ensures two things. First, a modern, sleek finish. Second, a touch that feels smooth and safe. Every little detail is crafted with care.

Now, let’s talk color. The glossy white is a dream. It’s a shade that fits everywhere. Whether your room has a modern vibe or an old-school charm, this sill adjusts. It neither overpowers nor fades. Instead, it complements, lifting the space’s look.

Materials matter. That’s why top-grade PVC is the choice here. It’s known for its strength. Every day, windows face so much. Dust, rain, sunshine, and more. This sill is ready for it all. It promises to stay fresh, year after year. And here’s a bonus: cleaning is a breeze. A simple wipe keeps it shining.

What about installation? Here’s the good news. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, setting it up is easy. No fuss, no complications.

In essence, the PVC Window Sill Board is more than a board. It’s a statement. It speaks of elegance, quality, and durability. So, when you pick this, you choose the best for your windows.

In conclusion, every home deserves the 260mm Window Sill Gloss White. It’s not just about covering the base of a window. It’s about adding a touch of perfection.