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Metal Angle Trim | 20mm x 20mm | Anthracite | 2600mm length

Type Metal Angle Trim
Size 20mmx20mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Anthracite


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Discover the Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Anthracite 2600mm, the durable yet stylish choice for your cladding projects. This metal trim not only excels in durability but also comes with an anthracite finish, offering a sophisticated, modern aesthetic that complements a variety of designs.

Strength and Precision of the Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Anthracite 2600mm:

What differentiates this Metal Angle Trim is its inherent strength. It stands up to challenging environments with ease, conquering corners where plastic alternatives might struggle. To install, start by ensuring a clean surface. Then apply a strong adhesive like MB Mega bond or clear silicone. Position the trim in place and hold it until the adhesive ensures a strong bond. If your project involves high-moisture areas like bathrooms, applying a silicone bead for a watertight seal is essential.

Combining Resilience with Elegant Design:

The Metal Angle Trim  doesn’t just provide functional benefits; it also enhances the visual appeal of your spaces. The anthracite colour adds a contemporary flair, serving as an attractive complement to both light and dark colour schemes. This trim not only fulfils practical needs with its durable metal and watertight seal but also adds an aesthetic touch to your cladding projects.

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