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Metal Angle Trim | 20mm x 20mm | Chrome | 2600mm length

Type Metal Angle Trim
Size 20mmx20mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Chrome


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Unveil the beauty and strength of the Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Chrome 2600mm for your cladding endeavours. This trim not only promises unparalleled durability but also offers a stunning chrome finish, setting a new standard in modern design aesthetics.

Fortify Your Design with Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Chrome 2600mm:

What makes this Metal Angle Trim unique is its impeccable durability. It effortlessly tackles challenging design layouts and corners that could prove problematic for lesser trims. For a smooth installation, start by cleaning the surface thoroughly. Then apply a sturdy adhesive, such as MB Mega bond or clear silicone. Hold the trim firmly in place until the adhesive ensures a strong bond. If you’re installing in high-humidity environments like bathrooms, sealing the edge with a silicone bead is a non-negotiable step for achieving a watertight seal.

A Spectacular Marriage of Strength and Style:

The Metal Angle Trim goes beyond functional robustness. Its chrome finish adds a luxurious, modern feel that can enhance any colour scheme. Whether you’re aiming to create contrasts or harmonies, this trim offers abundant design possibilities. Coupled with its inherent strength and the added benefit of a silicone-sealed edge, it stands as both a visually striking and practical choice for all your cladding needs.