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Metal Angle Trim | 20mm x 20mm | Matt Silver | 2600mm length

Type Metal Angle Trim
Size 20mmx20mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Matt Silver


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Step into the world of Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Matt Silver 2600mm, where durability meets modern, understated elegance. The matte silver finish elevates this trim from a mere functional element to a design feature in its own right.

Secure Your Cladding with Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm Matt Silver 2600mm:

The standout feature of this Metal Angle Trim is its durable construction. It rises to the challenge of intricate designs and difficult corners effortlessly. To begin with the installation, ensure the surface is clean and free of debris. Next, apply a suitable strong adhesive like MB Mega bond or clear silicone. Hold the trim in place until the adhesive forms a reliable bond. If you’re working in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms, the additional step of sealing the edge with a silicone bead is essential for a watertight finish.

A Harmonious Blend of Practicality and Aesthetics:

The Metal Angle Trim offers more than just structural support. The matte silver finish lends a subtle, modern touch that pairs seamlessly with a variety of colour schemes, from bold and vibrant to cool and understated. Alongside its durability and the added assurance of a silicone-sealed edge, this trim emerges as a both practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for your cladding projects.