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Metal Angle Trim | 20mm x 20mm | White | 2600mm length

Type Metal Angle Trim
Size 20mmx20mm
Length 2600mm
Colour White


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Introduce the Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm White 2600mm to your cladding projects and embrace a blend of timeless beauty and rugged durability. The classic white finish offers a canvas of endless design possibilities while ensuring sturdy structural integrity.

Navigate Through Complex Designs with Metal Angle Trim 20mmx20mm White 2600mm:

The Metal Angle Trim distinguishes itself through its superior resilience. It adeptly handles intricate designs and challenging corners that could otherwise be problematic. To install, first ensure a clean and dust-free surface. Next, opt for a robust adhesive like MB Mega bond or clear silicone and apply it evenly. Firmly position the trim in place until the adhesive forms a lasting bond. When installing in areas with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, sealing the trim with a silicone bead becomes imperative for a watertight finish.

Unite Form and Function in a Single Trim:

The Metal Angle Trim does not merely fulfil practical requirements. Its white finish provides a versatile backdrop that complements a multitude of colour schemes, from vibrant tones to softer hues. Along with its durability and the vital step of applying a silicone bead for moisture resistance, this trim emerges as an all-around solution for your cladding projects.