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Metal H Trim 1 Part | 11.5mm | Satin Anodised | 2400mm length

Product Type Metal H Trim
Part Type 1 Part
Thickness 11.5mm
Length 2400mm
Color Satin Anodised


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Say hello to the Metal H Trim 1 Part 11.5mm Satin Anodised 2400mm. This shower trim is your high-end, elegant solution for kitchen and bathroom cladding installations. The satin anodised finish exudes a subtle sophistication that elevates the aesthetics of any room it graces. This H Trim also adapts easily to a variety of other decorative applications.

The Satin Anodised Star for Multiple Applications:

Let’s explore its remarkable features. This H Trim, with its satin anodised finish, serves as a multipurpose edge finisher in a plethora of applications. To start the installation, clean the surface thoroughly. Next, apply an adhesive you prefer, such as panel adhesive, MB Mega bond, or clear silicone. Position the trim on the external corner and maintain pressure until the adhesive secures it in place. Then, apply a bead of silicone to guarantee a watertight seal, an essential step in moisture-rich environments like bathrooms. The satin anodised colour brings its own set of benefits. It offers a luxurious look that complements modern interiors, blending seamlessly with a variety of colour palettes.

Make the Smart Choice with Metal H Trim:

In summary, the Metal H Trim 1 Part 11.5mm Satin Anodised 2400mm is the perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re looking to install it as a shower trim or use it for kitchen cladding, its flexibility is commendable. The installation process is fuss-free, and the satin anodised finish adds a layer of aesthetic sophistication to your décor. Importantly, remember to seal it with silicone for a watertight bond, which is indispensable in damp areas. Opt for this satin anodised trim to add a touch of elegance and high performance to your upcoming refurbishment project.