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Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part | 10.5mm | Brushed Metal | 2400mm Length

Type Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part
Height 10.5mm
Length 2400mm
Colour Brushed Metal


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Transform your cladding project with the Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 10.5mm Brushed Metal 2400mm. This Corner Trim ensures a seamless and modern finish. The Metal Internal Corner Trim is here to meet your needs. Specially designed for 10mm wall panels, this trim makes any cladding job a breeze.

Function and Elegance of Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 10.5mm Brushed Metal 2400mm:

When it comes to installation, the process is straightforward. First, clean and dry the area where the trim will be placed. Apply adhesive or silicone sealant to the trim’s back. Next, press the trim against the wall. Ensure it’s level and straight. Afterward, fit your wall panels into the trim. Make certain there are no visible gaps. Lastly, to guarantee a leak-proof barrier in your shower or bath spaces, make sure to secure the panel into the trim using silicone sealant. Now, let’s talk aesthetics. The brushed metal colour brings a modern flair to any space. It pairs well with various shades of wall panels. Additionally, it contrasts exceptionally well with both light and dark tones. This feature amplifies the beauty of your property.

A Winning Choice for Your Cladding Needs:

In summary, the Metal Internal Trim is an ideal choice. It combines easy installation with aesthetic versatility. The brushed metal colour adds a contemporary touch to any cladding project. Rest assured, opting for this trim will elevate both the functionality and the visual appeal of your space.

For expert advice on the ideal corner trim, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.