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Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part | 11.5mm | Chrome | 2400mm length

Type Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part
Height 11.5mm
Length 2400mm
Colour Chrome


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Introducing our Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 11.5mm Chrome 2400mm. This trim is perfect for kitchen and bathroom cladding. It is designed for 11mm wall panels. It offers both function and style. Specifically, it’s a 1-part trim designed for internal corners. The term “1-part” means the trim is a single, unified piece. It contrasts with 2-part trims which require additional components for installation.

The Practical Elegance of Chrome:

Firstly, the chrome colour offers aesthetic versatility. This hue complements an array of tones and finishes. It can add a hint of sophistication to any room. Secondly, the installation is quite straightforward. Make sure the surface is clean. Then apply a strong adhesive to the trim’s back. Press the trim to the wall. Check it is level. After this, fit the wall panels next to the trim. Seal the edges with silicone for a neat finish.

Elevate Your Interior Design:

In conclusion, the Metal Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 11.5mm Chrome 2400mm is an excellent addition to your property. It simplifies the installation process while elevating the aesthetics of your room. Its chrome finish suits various design choices. The trim is versatile. It is stylish. Moreover, it is durable. Rest assured, choosing this corner trim is a step towards a more elegant and practical living space.

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