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Metal Internal Tile Trim | 8.5mm | Bright Silver | 2500mm Length

Type Metal Internal Trim
Depth 8.5mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Bright Silver


SKU EWA15091 Bright Silver Category

The Metal Internal Tile Trim 8.5mm Bright Silver 2500mm provides a sleek and durable solution for finishing internal corners, floors, and worktops. This trim, measuring 8.5mm in depth and 2500mm in length, ensures a polished and professional look. It’s also available with matching internal and external corners and end caps, making it a versatile option for various applications.

Ideal Choice: Metal Internal Tile Trim 8.5mm Bright Silver 2500mm

Installing the Metal Internal Tile Trim is straightforward. Start by ensuring the application surface is smooth, dry, and free from dust, grease, or loose paint. Once the surface is prepared, peel off the backing from the self-adhesive strip on the trim. Carefully position the trim and apply even pressure along its length to secure it in place. Finally, remove any protective film from the surface of the trim.

The Shine of Bright Silver

This tile trim requires minimal maintenance. For aluminium surfaces, use a common polishing agent to remove any oxidation films, keeping in mind these films may reappear. If the anodised finish becomes damaged, it will need re-coating to restore its appearance. It’s important to test aluminium for suitability in environments with potential chemical exposure. To prevent corrosion, promptly remove any adhesive or grout residue and ensure the profile is fully embedded in the setting material to avoid water accumulation. If you need any assistance or advice on choosing the right tile trim or the installation process, please contact our sales team as they are ready to help.