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Metal Starter Trim 1 Part | 10.5mm | Anthracite | 2400mm length

Type Metal Starter Trim 1 Part
Height 10.5mm
Length 2400mm
Colour Anthracite


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Meet our Metal Starter Trim 1 Part 10.5mm Anthracite 2400mm. This is an exceptional choice for both kitchen and bathroom cladding. It fits 11mm wall panels to perfection and guarantees a professional finish.

The Essentials and Aesthetic Appeal:

A 1 part trim means the trim and the receiving slot for the panel are all one piece. You’ll slide your 11mm wall panels into this slot. It’s that simple. Ensure your wall area is clean and dry before installing. Apply adhesive or silicone to the back of the trim. Place it firmly against the wall. Make certain it’s level. Then, slide in your wall panels. Complete the installation by sealing the edges with silicone for a watertight finish. Silicone is especially critical in wet areas like bathrooms. As for the anthracite colour, it brings a contemporary vibe to your property. It pairs well with lighter hues for a modern and sleek appearance.

Summing Up the Advantages of Metal Starter Trim 1 Part 10.5mm Anthracite 2400mm:

To wrap it up, the Metal Starter Trim is a superb solution for your cladding needs. The one-part design simplifies the installation process. The anthracite colour adds a stylish touch to your interior. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a silicone sealant for that watertight finish. All these features make it a worthwhile addition to any renovation project.