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Metal Straight Edge Tile Trim | 8mm | Dark Granite | 2500mm Length

Type Metal Straight Edge Tile Trim
Height 8mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Dark Granite


SKU ESA080.435 Dark Granite Category

The Metal Straight Edge Tile Trim 8mm Dark Granite 2500mm offers a robust and elegant solution for protecting the edges of ceramic tiles or similar hard finishes in wall and floor installations. Measuring 8mm in height and 2500mm in length, this L-shaped extruded aluminium profile ensures a polished and professional appearance. The dark granite finish adds a touch of sophistication and depth, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles.

Excellent Selection: Metal Straight Edge Tile Trim 8mm Dark Granite 2500mm

Installing the Metal Straight Edge Tile Trim is straightforward. Start by ensuring the application surface is smooth, dry, and free from dust, grease, or loose paint. Apply tile adhesive over the area that forms the perimeter of the tiled covering. Press the perforated anchoring leg of the trim into the tile adhesive and align it, using mechanical fixings if necessary. Trowel additional adhesive over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure complete coverage. Solidly embed the tiles so that the tiled surface is flush with the top of the profile, ensuring the profile is not higher than the tiled surface, but rather up to approximately 1mm lower. Finally, fill the joint completely with grout.

The Elegance of Dark Granite

This tile trim requires minimal maintenance. For aluminium surfaces, use a common polishing agent to remove any oxidation films, though they may reappear. If the anodised finish becomes damaged, it will need recoating to restore its appearance. Aluminium should be tested for suitability in environments with potential chemical exposure. To prevent corrosion, promptly remove any adhesive or grout residue from visible surfaces and ensure the profile is fully embedded in the setting material to avoid the accumulation of alkaline water. If you need any assistance or advice on choosing the right tile trim or the installation process, please contact our sales team as they are ready to help.