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Plastic Angle Trim | 100mm x 40mm | White | 2500mm length

Type Plastic Angle Trim
Size 100mmx40mm
Length 2500mm
Color White


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Choose the Plastic Angle Trim 100mmx40mm White 2500mm for a versatile addition to your cladding projects. The white hue of this trim blends seamlessly into any design scheme, from the most traditional to the ultra-modern.

Features of the Plastic Angle Trim 100mmx40mm White 2500mm:

The Plastic Angle Trim stands out for its ability to simplify larger projects thanks to its generous dimensions. First, ensure the surface is spotless and ready to form a durable bond with the adhesive. You can opt for a variety of adhesives such as MB Mega bond or clear silicone. Then, place the trim carefully and apply consistent pressure until the adhesive has set.

Particular attention should be paid to areas of high humidity like bathrooms. Here, the addition of a silicone bead along the trim edge secures a watertight seal. This not only provides a functional benefit but also contributes to the longevity of your installation.

Merge Large-Scale Efficiency with Aesthetic Harmony:

With the Plastic Angle Trim, you gain more than mere functional benefits. The classic white finish lends itself to a multitude of colour combinations and design aesthetics. This ensures that beyond its durable and easy-to-install nature, the trim serves as a visually appealing element in any setting.