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Plastic Angle Trim | 25mm x 25mm | Chrome | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Angle Trim
Size 25mmx25mm
Length 2600mm
Color Chrome


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Select the Plastic Angle Trim 25mmx25mm Chrome 2600mm to bring contemporary elegance to your cladding or edging projects. The chrome finish radiates a luxurious vibe that modernises any space it graces.

Precision of the Plastic Angle Trim 25mmx25mm Chrome 2600mm:

When it comes to the Plastic Angle Trim, ease of installation pairs perfectly with robustness. To start, you must ensure the surface area is free from dirt and debris. This enables the adhesive, whether you opt for MB Mega bond or clear silicone, to establish a strong bond.

Once you’ve prepped the surface, place the trim carefully at the desired location. Hold it steadily until the adhesive sets firmly. For damp areas like bathrooms, a silicone bead is imperative along the trim edge. This ensures a watertight seal, bolstering both the utility and lifespan of your project.

Combining Aesthetic Appeal with Robust Functionality:

The Plastic Angle Trim is not just about functional merits. Its chrome finish offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that elevates the overall design of any room. From clean edges to protective cornering, the trim serves multiple roles. Its dependable durability and the necessity of sealing with silicone make it an ideal choice for an array of applications.