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Plastic Angle Trim | 25mm x 25mm | White | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Angle Trim
Size 25mmx25mm
Length 2600mm
Color White


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When it comes to versatile design options, nothing quite matches the Plastic Angle Trim 25mmx25mm White 2600mm. The white colour acts as a blank canvas, enabling you to create spaces that range from serene and minimalistic to vivid and eclectic. This versatile trim fits effortlessly into a wide array of interior design schemes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Installation and Long-lasting Results:

The standout feature of the Plastic Angle Trim 25mmx25mm White 2600mm is its multi-purpose functionality. This trim proves invaluable for projects ranging from simple cladding installations to more complex interior design tasks. Before you begin the installation, the first step is a thorough cleaning of the surface. This ensures that your adhesive bonds perfectly. Speaking of adhesives, you have a choice. Opt for either MB Mega bond or clear silicone, depending on the specifics of your project.

Once you’ve chosen your adhesive, the next step is the application. Spread the adhesive evenly on the trim and attach it to your chosen surface. Apply pressure until the adhesive forms a firm bond. This is particularly important in areas that experience high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For such areas, sealing the edges of the trim with a silicone bead is not just recommended. It’s imperative. A well-sealed trim ensures that moisture does not seep into the gaps, thereby securing a watertight finish.

An All-encompassing Solution That Marries Function and Style:

So what sets the Plastic Angle Trim 25mmx25mm White 2600mm apart from other options on the market? Its unbeatable combination of functional efficiency and aesthetic versatility. The white colour works as a neutral base, allowing you greater freedom in choosing wall colours, textiles, and accessories. This trim thus serves as a foundational element that can adapt to evolving style preferences over time. Additionally, its robust construction and well-designed form factor make installation a breeze. When you add in the importance of a silicone-sealed edge for a watertight finish, it becomes clear that this trim offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of cladding projects.