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Plastic Angle Trim | 30mm x 30mm | Chrome | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Angle Trim
Size 30mmx30mm
Length 2600mm
Color Chrome


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Plastic Angle Trim, 30mm x 30mm, Chrome, 2600mm length. Ideal for finishing and protecting corners and edges in various settings. Durable plastic construction with a sleek chrome finish for a modern, polished look and long-lasting performance.

Versatile Design, Uncomplicated Installation:

Undoubtedly, the Plastic Angle Trim 30mmx30mm Chrome 2600mm stands as a multifaceted solution for your cladding and interior design challenges. First, prepare the surface that you’ll be attaching the trim to. A clean, debris-free surface ensures optimal adhesive bonding. Multiple adhesive options are available. You could select MB Mega bond or clear silicone depending on the specific requirements of your project.

Application follows adhesive choice. Smooth the adhesive onto the back of the trim and position it onto the surface. Press firmly and wait for the adhesive to solidify. A watertight seal becomes pivotal in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. In these humidity-prone areas, you absolutely must seal the edge of the trim with a silicone bead. This not only offers a moisture barrier but also adds an extra layer of durability to your installation.

Elegance, Durability, and Practicality All in One Package:

What makes the Plastic Angle Trim 30mmx30mm Chrome 2600mm such an invaluable asset? Firstly, its chrome finish lends a touch of sophistication to your design projects. The reflective quality of chrome enriches spaces with a luxurious ambiance. On the practical side, the trim’s design aids in simple and effective installation. Its dimensions and chrome finish make it a robust and aesthetically pleasing choice. Furthermore, its flexible application means that you can employ it in multiple spaces. Whether for cladding projects or for covering untidy corners and edges, it delivers. Add in a silicone-sealed edge for a watertight finish, and you have an all-in-one solution that satisfies both form and function.