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Plastic Angle Trim | 40mm x 40mm | White | 2750mm length

Type Plastic Angle Trim
Size 40mmx40mm
Length 2750mm
Color White


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Select the Plastic Angle Trim 40mmx40mm White 2750mm for an enduring touch of classic elegance. This white finish serves as the ultimate versatile backdrop, blending effortlessly into a multitude of decor styles ranging from the contemporary to the traditional.

Hassle-Free Installation for Plastic Angle Trim 40mmx40mm White 2750mm:

Ease and utility define the Plastic Angle Trim. Start your installation by cleaning the surface where the trim will adhere. This will allow for optimal bonding with your chosen adhesive, be it MB Mega bond or clear silicone.

Position the trim carefully on the prepared surface. Apply steady pressure until the adhesive forms a secure bond. In moisture-rich environments such as bathrooms, the additional step of applying a silicone bead along the trim’s edge is imperative. This ensures a watertight seal, adding a layer of protection and functionality to your space.

Achieve Lasting Beauty with Practical Functionality:

With the Plastic Angle Trim, you’re not just acquiring a functional product. You’re investing in a versatile design element. The classic white finish works well with various colour schemes, providing a range of aesthetic possibilities. Additionally, the ease of installation and the critical step of silicone sealing make this trim an all-encompassing solution for diverse cladding projects.