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Plastic Bath and Shower Trim 1 Part Cladseal | 5mm-8mm | White | 1850mm length


Product Type Cladseal Bath and Shower Trim
Composition 1 Part
Color White
Fit Thickness 5mm-8mm
Length 1850mm
Material Plastic


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Introducing the Plastic Bath and Shower Trim Cladseal 1 Part 5mm-8mm White 1850mm length. This is a specialised trim for bath and shower areas. Its main function is to provide a watertight seal. The colour of this trim is white. Its material is moisture-resistant plastic. This makes it highly durable.

All You Need to Know about Features and Installation:

Firstly, let’s delve into the trim’s specifications. It suits a 5mm-8mm panel. The trim measures 1850mm in length. Because of its durability, it is ideal for wet areas. Bathrooms and kitchens will benefit from it. Secondly, the white colour gives you design freedom. You can pair it with various tones. Alternatively, you can contrast it against darker hues. This elevates your property’s aesthetics. Thirdly, installation is straightforward. You start by turning off the water. Then, remove any old trim. Preparing the area is the next step. Use plumber’s tape to achieve a better seal. Align the trim according to guidelines. Secure it with screws. Seal the edges with silicone for a watertight fit. Always consult the manufacturer for specific instructions. Make sure you have the right tools. These include a screwdriver and measuring tape. Additional tools are plumber’s tape and a caulking gun.

Why Choose Cladseal 1 Part 5mm-8mm White 1850mm:

In conclusion, the Plastic Bath and Shower Trim Cladseal 1 Part 5mm-8mm White 1850mm length stands out for its features. It is durable and moisture-resistant. It fits 5mm-8mm panels perfectly. Furthermore, it allows for design flexibility with its white colour. Most importantly, it keeps water where it should be. This prevents moisture-related problems.

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