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Plastic Door Architrave Kit – Deeplas Roomline Ogee | 60mm | English Oak | 2 x 2200mm | 1x 1100mm

Product Type Deeplas Ogee Corner
Size 60mm
Length 5.5m (2 x 2.1m + 1.3m)
Construction uPVC
Colour English Oak


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Introducing the Plastic Door Architrave Kit Deeplas Roomline Ogee English Oak 60mm. This door architrave kit not only adds aesthetic value to your doorways but also serves a functional purpose. It is an ideal pick for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. The English Oak colour amplifies its visual appeal.

The Essentials of the Architrave Kit

The product is made of plastic. This ensures that it is moisture-resistant. It is also easy to maintain. In rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, this is particularly useful. A mitre saw can be used to cut the architrave pieces according to the dimensions of your doorway. Afterward, strong adhesive or nails can fix the architrave in place. The architrave should sit flush against the door frame. For damp areas, the architrave should be sealed with silicone. MB Mega bond or clear silicone can serve this purpose. The result is a watertight finish. This adds to the functionality in wet areas.

The colour English Oak is quite versatile. It can pair well with a variety of other colours. It can either complement lighter tones or contrast beautifully against darker hues. This adds an extra layer of sophistication to your interiors.

Enhancing Your Aesthetics:

In summary, the Plastic Door Architrave Kit Deeplas Roomline Ogee English Oak 60mm offers both form and function. Its moisture-resistant and easy-to-maintain features make it highly practical. Furthermore, its English Oak colour can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your property. The product serves as an effective and stylish solution for both kitchen and bathroom cladding installations.

If you need help finding the perfect Architrave for your home or business, kindly contact a member of our sales team who would gladly assist you.