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Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas | 25mm x 25mm | Mahogany | 2500mm length

Type Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas
Dimensions 25mm x 25mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Mahogany


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Meet the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 25mm x 25mm Mahogany 2500mm. It stands as an indispensable choice for those looking to add finesse to their kitchen and bathroom cladding installations.

The Multifaceted Utility of the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 25mm x 25mm Mahogany 2500mm:

Firstly, let’s discuss its utility. This angle trim finds its purpose in an assortment of applications. Specifically, it perfects the finishing touch in cladding installations. Furthermore, it provides a neat outline for boxed-in pipe work. Lastly, it offers protection to corners in high-traffic areas. The installation process is straightforward. Start by ensuring a clean surface. Then apply an adhesive like MB Mega bond or panel adhesive. Place the angle trim in position. Hold it until the adhesive secures it. Seal it with silicone for a watertight finish. This step is crucial for areas exposed to high levels of humidity such as bathrooms.

The Harmony of Style and Function:

In terms of aesthetics, the mahogany colour offers a rich flair. It pairs well with both light and dark shades for a balanced look. In addition, sealing the trim with silicone is vital. It ensures the trim is watertight. This is particularly important in shower and bath areas. In summary, the Plastic External Angle Trim combines both elegance and practicality.

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