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Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas | 25mm x 25mm | Rosewood | 2500mm length

Type Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas
Dimensions 25mm x 25mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Rosewood


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Step into a realm where both aesthetics and utility are paramount. The Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 25mmx25mm Rosewood 2500mm serves as a transformative element. It enhances the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom cladding installations. This angle trim is not just a functional necessity but a key to adding a stylish flair to your spaces.

Multifaceted Use of the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 25mmx25mm Rosewood 2500mm:

Firstly, let’s delve into its versatility. This angle trim serves various purposes. It finalises your cladding installation. It refines the edges of boxed-in pipework. And it safeguards corners in high-traffic areas. Now, onto the installation process. Begin by ensuring the surface is clean. Then, apply an adhesive like panel adhesive or MB Mega bond. Position the trim carefully on the corner and hold it until the adhesive sets. After that, seal the edge with silicone. The silicone creates a watertight seal. This is a crucial step especially for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms and showers.

Achieve Sophistication with a Splash of Colour:

Lastly, let’s discuss the angle trim’s colour. The Rosewood hue adds a layer of sophistication. It complements lighter tones and offers an engaging contrast. One must not forget to seal the trim with silicone for a watertight finish. To sum up, the Plastic External Angle Trim blends form and function exquisitely.

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