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Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas | 30mm x 30mm | White | 3000mm length

Type Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas
Dimensions 30mm x 30mm
Length 3000mm
Colour White


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Let us introduce the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 30mmx30mm White 3000mm. This remarkable product is an ideal solution for cladding installations in kitchens and bathrooms. The colour white brings versatility and aesthetic appeal to various interior designs.

Features of the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 30mmx30mm White 3000mm:

Now, let’s explore what makes the Plastic External Angle Trim so beneficial. This trim serves many purposes. It polishes corners after cladding installations and provides a clean edge for boxed-in elements like pipework. Moreover, it works excellently in high-traffic areas where corners may sustain damage. For installation, first, ensure the surface is clean. Next, apply a suitable adhesive such as panel adhesive or MB Mega bond. After that, place the trim on the external corner. Hold it until the adhesive secures it. Finally, apply a silicone bead along the edge. This step provides a watertight seal essential in bathrooms and showers.

Aesthetic Considerations and Conclusion:

Regarding aesthetics, the white colour of the Plastic External Angle Trim is a boon. It complements various shades and enhances contrasting dark tones. To sum it up, the Plastic External Trim serves as a multi-functional and aesthetic addition to any cladding project. It meets high standards for both utility and visual appeal.

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