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Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas | 40mm x 40mm | Anthracite Grey | 3000mm length

Type Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas
Dimensions 40mm x 40mm
Length 3000mm
Colour Anthracite Grey


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Introducing the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 40mmx40mm Anthracite Grey. This product serves as a stellar solution for cladding installations in both kitchens and bathrooms. The colour Anthracite Grey adds a modern, sleek touch to the overall aesthetic. This trim is not just about functionality; it’s also about enhancing the visual appeal of your spaces.

Comprehensive Features of the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 40mmx40mm Anthracite Grey:

Let’s delve into the features of the Plastic External Angle Trim. First, the Trim serves multiple purposes. It tidies up corners following a cladding installation. It also gives a clean, polished edge to boxed-in elements like pipework. Furthermore, this product shines in high-traffic areas where corners are vulnerable to damage. Installation is straightforward. Ensure the surface is clean. Apply a suitable adhesive such as panel adhesive or MB Mega bond. Place the angle on the external corner. Hold it in place until the adhesive sets. After that, sealing it with silicone is crucial. This last step ensures a watertight seal that is invaluable in high-humidity areas like bathrooms and showers.

The Power of Colour and Final Words:

Anthracite Grey as a colour lends itself to various aesthetic choices. It pairs exceptionally well with lighter tones. This provides a sophisticated contrast that elevates the look of any room. In conclusion, the Plastic External Angle Trim is a multi-faceted product. It combines durability, ease of installation, and aesthetic versatility. As a result, this Angle Trim is an invaluable addition to any cladding project.

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