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Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas | 40mm x 40mm | Black | 3000mm length

Type Plastic External Angle Trim – Deeplas
Dimensions 40mm x 40mm
Length 3000mm
Colour Black


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Allow us to present the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 40mmx40mm Black 3000mm. Designed primarily for cladding installations in kitchens and bathrooms, this product offers both functional and aesthetic solutions. The bold black hue adds a touch of sophistication to your interior design projects.

Practicality and Installation:

Moving on to the features, the Plastic External Angle Trim is a versatile element. It not only tidies up corners after cladding installations but also provides a clean finishing touch to areas with boxed-in pipework. Furthermore, it’s an excellent choice for high-traffic spaces where corners are susceptible to damage. Installation is straightforward. First, clean the surface where the trim will be applied. Then, select a strong adhesive like panel adhesive or MB Mega bond. Place the trim at the designated external corner and hold it securely. Wait until the adhesive forms a strong bond. As a final step, ensure you apply a silicone bead for a watertight seal. This is crucial in wet areas like bathrooms and showers.

Colour Benefits and Wrap-Up:

On the subject of aesthetics, the black colour of the Plastic External Angle Trim Deeplas 40mmx40mm Black 3000mm offers an elegant touch. It can contrast beautifully with lighter tones or blend in seamlessly with darker shades for a cohesive look. In conclusion, the Plastic External Angle Trim is a valuable addition to any interior design project, providing both utility and style.

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