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Plastic External Corner Trim 1 Part | 10.5mm | White | 2400mm length

Type Plastic External Corner Trim 1 Part
Height 10.5mm
Length 2400mm
Colour White


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Introducing the Plastic External Corner Trim 1 Part 10.5mm White 2400mm. This meticulously designed corner trim is not just a functional necessity. It’s an elegant finishing touch for any kitchen or bathroom cladding project. With its robust build and sophisticated white finish, it offers a seamless blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. Designed to accommodate 11mm wall panels, this trim is the perfect addition to elevate the look of your home interiors.

Features of the Plastic External Corner Trim 1 Part 10.5mm White 2400mm:

For those who may not know, a 1 part trim is a straightforward trim design where the panel fits directly into it. This trim comes in white and is designed to snugly hold 11mm wall panels. First, ensure the area is clean and dry. Then, apply adhesive or silicone sealant to the trim’s back. Press it firmly against the wall. Now fit your wall panels into the trim. It is crucial to seal the trim with silicone. This step is vital in areas like bathrooms to maintain a watertight seal.

The colour white offers versatility. You can use it to contrast darker tones or blend it with lighter shades. Either way, this trim will add aesthetic value to your property.

Why Choose This Trim:

In summary, this is an exceptional trim that is easy to install. Its one-part design and watertight seal make it a reliable choice. Moreover, its white colour adds a touch of class and flexibility to your décor. This trim is an excellent investment for both functionality and style.