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Plastic Flexi Angle Trim | 50mm x 50mm | Rosewood | 2500mm length

Type Plastic Flexi Angle Trim
Size 50mmx50mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Rosewood


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Step up your cladding game with the Plastic Flexi Angle Trim 50mmx50mm Rosewood 2500mm. This trim is not just a workhorse for traditional spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. Its flexible nature and rich Rosewood colour bring an added layer of sophistication and versatility to any project.

Conquer Complex Layouts with Plastic Flexi Angle Trim 50mmx50mm Rosewood 2500mm:

The adaptability of this Flexi Angle Trim makes it an invaluable asset for any cladding undertaking. It tackles intricate layouts and awkward corners where standard angle trims may fall short. To install, first make sure the surface is clean and devoid of any debris. Then, apply your chosen strong adhesive, such as MB Mega bond or clear silicone. Position the trim and hold it securely until the adhesive forms a solid bond. For moisture-prone environments like bathrooms, don’t forget to seal the edge with a silicone bead to ensure a watertight seal.

Blend Sophistication with Practicality:

The Plastic Flexi Angle Trim combines utility with elevated aesthetics. The Rosewood colour can serve as an elegant counterpoint to lighter tones or harmonise with similar rich hues. This makes it an adaptable choice for a variety of design themes. Additionally, the flexibility of the trim and the added protection of a silicone-sealed edge make it a robust and stylish addition to your cladding projects.