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Plastic Internal Angle Trim | 50mm x 50mm | White | 2440mm length

Type Plastic Internal Angle Trim
Size 50mmx50mm
Length 2440mm
Color White


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Opt for the Plastic Internal Angle Trim 50mmx50mm White 2440mm to infuse your indoor cladding projects with a sense of understated beauty. The white finish stands as a universal design choice, blending seamlessly with a multitude of interior decor styles.

Features of the Plastic Internal Angle Trim 50mmx50mm White 2440mm:

The hallmark of the Plastic Internal Angle Trim is its ease of installation coupled with remarkable durability. The first step involves cleaning the surface area where the trim will adhere. Doing so ensures that the adhesive, whether it’s MB Mega bond or clear silicone, forms a strong bond with the surface.

After prepping the surface, position the trim accurately. Apply pressure until the adhesive has set. In areas with high humidity such as bathrooms, the application of a silicone bead along the edge of the trim becomes crucial. This simple but vital step guarantees a watertight seal, thereby extending the longevity of your installation.

Merging Versatility with Long-Lasting Design:

The Plastic Internal Angle Trim offers more than just utilitarian benefits. Its white finish serves as a harmonious complement to various colour palettes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. Alongside its aesthetic versatility, the trim excels in terms of easy installation and durability. With the vital inclusion of a silicone seal, it stands as a comprehensive solution for indoor cladding projects.