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Plastic Internal Corner Trim 1 Part | 5mm | Chrome | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Internal Corner Trim 1 Part
Height 5mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Chrome


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Meet the Plastic Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 5mm Chrome 2600mm. This is a top choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Designed for 5mm wall panels, it’s a 1-part trim. Unlike a 2-part trim, it consists of a single piece. This makes installation easier.

The Power of Chrome:

Firstly, the chrome colour makes this trim versatile. Chrome can be paired with any colour palette. This elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space. Now, to install the trim, start by ensuring that the corner where you’ll place it is both clean and dry. Apply adhesive or silicone sealant on the trim’s back. Firmly press it against the wall. Ensure it aligns well. After that, place your wall panels beside the trim. There shouldn’t be any visible gaps. Finally, apply silicone sealant along the trim’s edges. This will offer a clean finish.

The Final Word:

To sum up, the Plastic Internal Corner Trim 1 Part 5mm Chrome 2600mm is a fantastic option. It is specially made for 5mm wall panels. The single-piece construction is simple yet effective. Moreover, its chrome colour adds a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Therefore, it serves as a great investment for enhancing both the functionality and style of your corners.