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Plastic Internal Corner Trim 2 Part | 8mm | Black | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Internal Corner Trim 2 Part
Height 8mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Black


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Introducing our Plastic Internal Corner Trim 2 Part 8mm Black 2600mm. This innovative product is specifically designed for 8mm wall panels. It’s ideal for both kitchen and bathroom cladding installations. You’ll find it to be the perfect blend of function and form.

The Perfect Marriage of Function and Design:

This trim comes in a 2-part design. One part serves as the base. The second part fits over it. This setup ensures a tighter grip on your 8mm wall panels. First, make sure your surface is clean and dry. Then apply adhesive to the back of the trim. After that, firmly press the trim against the wall. Ensure it is straight. Proceed to install your wall panels. Finally, seal the edges with silicone for a clean finish. In addition, the black colour of this trim serves as a striking element in your décor. It offers the perfect contrast to lighter shades. Simultaneously, it complements darker palettes. It can give your room a modern, sleek appearance.

Why The Plastic Internal Corner Trim 2 Part 8mm Black 2600mm is a Must-Have:

In summary, our Plastic Internal Corner Trim is a reliable and aesthetic solution for cladding installations. Its two-part design facilitates a robust installation. The black colour provides the versatility to enhance a wide variety of interior design schemes. If you’re in search of both utility and elegance, look no further.