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Plastic Quadrant | 19mm | Chrome | 2600mm length

Product Type Plastic Quadrant
Width 19mm
Length 2600mm
Color Chrome


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Enhance your cladding projects with Plastic Quadrant 19mm Chrome 2600mm. This Quadrant Trim offers both durability and a luxurious finish. Easy to install, this trim ensures a professional and sleek appearance. Its chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication to any design scheme.

A Quick Guide to Installing Plastic Quadrant Chrome:

To install this elegant trim, arm yourself with some basic tools. You will need a tape measure, a mitre box or saw, and either adhesive or nails. Measure the required area with precision. Proceed to mark the pieces for trimming. Use a mitre box or saw for angle cuts. Before securing, always fit test your cut pieces. Attach them using your choice of adhesive or nails. If you are working in damp areas like a bathroom, sealing the trim with silicone is imperative. This will achieve a watertight finish.

Where Function Meets Luxurious Design:

Plastic Quadrant 19mm Chrome 2600mm is more than just a functional piece. Its chrome finish can effortlessly upgrade the look of your property. It pairs especially well with both neutral and bold colours. This enables you to either go for a subdued look or make a strong style statement. All in all, this quadrant trim is a fabulous addition to any cladding project. It offers both durability and a significant style upgrade.