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Plastic Quadrant – Deeplas | 12mm | Golden Oak | 2500mm length

Product Type Plastic Quadrant
Width 12mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Golden Oak
Brand Deeplas


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Discover the epitome of trimming solutions—introducing our Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 12mm Golden Oak 2500mm. This trim has been meticulously crafted to meet the discerning standards of both residential and commercial applications.

Our Plastic Golden Oak trim boasts a 12mm width and an ample 2500mm length.  This makes it an exceptional choice for a multitude of applications. Whether you seek to conceal rough edges or add that final flourish to your wall panels, tiles, or floorboards, this product excels in every regard.

Carrying the renowned Deeplas brand, this plastic quadrant is not only exceptionally robust but also exceedingly enduring. The Golden Oak hue offers a warm and inviting aesthetic, harmonizing seamlessly with a diverse array of interior designs.

One of the most noteworthy features of the Plastic Golden Oak trim is its effortless installation. The process is straightforward, requiring nothing more than basic tools and minimal effort. This accessibility caters to all, from seasoned professionals to DIY enthusiasts.

Amidst a market inundated with ordinary choices, our quadrant trim distinguishes itself through its commitment to quality and reliability. Its resilient construction ensures that it withstands the demands of daily use, preserving its appearance and structural integrity for years to come.

Make the prudent choice and invest in the Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 12mm Golden Oak 2500mm today. This premier product not only guarantees the visual appeal of your space but also delivers on the promise of long-lasting functionality.

If you need assistance in locating the ideal Trim for your house or company, please contact a member of our sales team, who would gladly assist you.