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Plastic Quadrant – Deeplas | 12mm | White | 2500mm length

Product Type Plastic Quadrant
Width 12mm
Length 2500mm
Color White
Brand Deeplas


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Revamp your interior spaces with Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 12mm White 2500mm. This Quadrant Trim is the go-to solution for achieving a polished, durable finish in your cladding projects. Versatility meets style as the white colour of this trim complements a wide range of palettes. From kitchen to bathroom, its durable material ensures long-lasting functionality while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Uncomplicated Installation with Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 12mm White 2500mm:

For a successful installation, you’ll need specific tools. These include a tape measure, mitre box, saw, and adhesive or nails. Begin by measuring the area that requires the trim. Mark the pieces of the trim for precise cuts. Utilise your mitre box or saw to make accurate cuts, especially at corners. Always verify the fit of the pieces before fixing them in place. Apply adhesive or nails to secure the trim. Make sure it aligns flush with the surface. For bathrooms and showers, it’s vital to seal the trim with silicone for a watertight finish.

A Perfect Blend of Utility and Style:

The Plastic Quadrant Deeplas is more than just a functional trim. Its white colour can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your property. The trim can either blend with other white elements for a cohesive look or serve as a contrasting element to darker tones. Therefore, it offers flexibility in design while providing a robust and durable solution for your cladding needs.