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Plastic Quadrant – Deeplas | 17.5mm | White | 2500mm length

Product Type Plastic Quadrant
Width 17.5mm
Length 2500mm
Color White
Brand Deeplas


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Add sophistication to your cladding installations with Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 17.5mm White 2500mm. Experience the premium quality of this Quadrant Trim. Known for its durability and ease of installation, this trim is a must-have for a refined finish. Its versatile white colour effortlessly complements a wide range of colour schemes, enhancing your property’s aesthetics.

Uncomplicated Installation with the Plastic Quadrant Trim:

Firstly, for installation, you will require certain tools. These include a tape measure, mitre box, and adhesive or nails. First, measure the area where the trim will be installed. Then, mark the pieces that require cutting. Use a mitre box or saw for accurate cuts. Remember to cut at angles for corners. Always place the cut pieces back to confirm alignment and fit. Secure them using adhesive or nails. Make sure the trim sits flush against the surface. For shower and bath areas, apply silicone for a watertight seal.

A Marriage of Functionality and Visual Appeal:

The Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 17.5mm White 2500mm excels in more than just functionality. The white colour provides significant aesthetic value. It blends well with a plethora of other colours. Alternatively, it contrasts beautifully with darker tones. In the end, the trim not only serves a functional role. It also elevates the overall look and feel of any project.

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