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Plastic Quadrant Deeplas | 19mm | Black | 2500mm length

Product Type Plastic Quadrant
Brand Deeplas
Width 19mm
Length 2500mm
Color Black


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Discover the transformative power of Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 19mm Black 2500mm. Ideal for cladding installations, this Quadrant Trim provides a professional and elegant finish. Crafted for durability and ease of use, our Plastic Quadrant Deeplas is a go-to solution for both kitchen and bathroom spaces. Its sleek black finish offers versatile design possibilities, allowing you to achieve a polished, modern look with any colour scheme.

Installation Made Simple with Plastic Quadrant Deeplas 19mm Black 2500mm:

Firstly, for installing this trim, a few essential tools are necessary. A tape measure, mitre box or saw, and adhesive or nails will be your go-to items. Start by taking accurate measurements. Next, mark the trim pieces for cutting. Employ your mitre box or saw to cut at angles for corners. Always test the pieces for fit before securing them. Use adhesive or nails to attach the trim. Ensure the trim is flush against the surface. In areas like bathrooms or showers, sealing with silicone is crucial. This ensures a watertight finish.

A Seamless Fusion of Functionality and Aesthetics:

The Plastic Quadrant Deeplas does more than meet functional needs. Its colour can enhance your property’s aesthetics. Black pairs well with lighter hues for a contrasting effect. Yet, it also complements darker shades for a harmonious look. Ultimately, this Quadrant Trim serves as a valuable addition to any project. It assures durability and elevates the style quotient.