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Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking | 16mm x 16mm | White | 2000mm length

Specification Detail
Product Name Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking
Size 16mm x 16mm
Colour White
Length 2000mm
Material Durable Plastic
Installation Type Self-Adhesive, Silicone Sealant Recommended for Baths
Cutting Option Can Be Cut to Custom Lengths
Design Hinged for Easy Cable Access
Additional Features Easy to Clean, Protects Cables, Reduces Trip Hazards
Suitable Environments Homes, Offices, Commercial Spaces
Aesthetic Compatibility Complements Various Decor Styles, Ideal for Colour Matching and Contrast


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Discover streamlined elegance with WallTrims’ Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking 16mm x 16mm White 2000mm. Our premier cable management solution is designed to maintain the pristine look of your property whilst ensuring cables are securely organised and out of sight.

Simplified Installation and Versatility:

Furthermore, WallTrims’ Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking embodies efficiency and simplicity. Specifically designed for a quick and drill-free mounting, it’s ideal for the ever-changing layouts of contemporary homes and business settings. Moreover, the reliable adhesive backing affixes firmly to any smooth surface. Simply measure, cut to the required length, and apply it with ease. Equally important, accessibility is straightforward with the hinged cover that allows for simple cable adjustments. Above all, we champion safety and aesthetic neatness; in damp areas like showers, a silicone seal is advisable for waterproofing, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Cohesive Design Elegance:

Likewise, the pristine white hue of our Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking is a design chameleon. It integrates effortlessly into any colour scheme, offering a bright, unified look that can either stand out or subtly blend in. Its versatility allows it to act as an understated design element that enhances the overall cleanliness and balance of your space.

Superior Quality of Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking 16mm x 16mm White 2000mm:

Finally, opt for WallTrims’ solution for a blend of utility and discreet elegance. The Plastic Cable Trunking 16mm x 16mm White 2000mm provides a clutter-free environment that upholds your high standards of organisation and hazard prevention. Rest assured, our customer service team is at your beck and call to assist with exceptional guidance and support. Trust in WallTrims to infuse your space with functional sophistication.

For expert advice on the Cable Trunking, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.