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Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking | 25mm x 16mm | White | 2000mm length

Specification Detail
Product Name Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking
Size 25mm x 16mm
Colour White
Length 2000mm
Material Durable Plastic
Installation Type Self-Adhesive, Silicone Sealant Recommended for Baths
Cutting Option Customisable Length
Design Hinged for Easy Cable Access
Additional Features Easy to Clean, Protects Cables, Reduces Trip Hazards
Suitable Environments Homes, Offices, Commercial Spaces
Aesthetic Compatibility Versatile, Complements Various Decor Styles


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Embrace order and sophistication with WallTrims’ Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking 25mm x 16mm White 2000mm length. Our premium cable management solution ensures that your property retains its elegance while keeping cables neatly tucked away.

Streamlined Installation and Utility:

Our Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking is the epitome of practical design. It offers a swift, drill-free installation process, perfect for the dynamic demands of modern living spaces and professional environments alike. The sturdy adhesive backing ensures a secure hold on any clean, flat surface. Simply measure, cut to your desired length and affix it for immediate use. The hinged cover allows for easy access to your cables whenever you need to add or remove them. Above all, prioritise safety by keeping wires contained, reducing risks and enhancing the visual appeal of your premises. For areas prone to moisture like bathrooms, we recommend sealing the trim with silicone to establish a watertight seal, thus maintaining both the integrity of the trunking and your peace of mind.

Aesthetic Harmony in Design:

In the realm of design, the white colour of our Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking 25mm x 16mm White 2000mm stands as a versatile player. It brings a fresh and coordinated look to any room. White pairs well with numerous colour palettes, offering contrast against darker shades and harmonising with lighter tones. This trunking becomes not just a utility but a part of your decor, contributing to a clean and harmonious environment.

Conclusion: Commitment to Excellence:

Choose WallTrims for a fusion of functionality and style. With our Plastic Self Adhesive Cable Trunking, experience an uncluttered space that speaks volumes of your attention to detail and commitment to safety. Our dedicated customer service team stands by, ready to support your selection with expertise and care. Trust in WallTrims to elevate your space with practical elegance.

For expert advice on the Cable Trunking, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.