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Plastic Skirting Board – Deeplas Roomline Chamfered | 100mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length

Product Type Plastic Skirting Board
Brand Deeplas Roomline
Style Chamfered
Width 100mm
Color Anthracite Grey
Length 2500mm


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Introducing the Plastic Skirting Board Deeplas Roomline Chamfered 100mm Anthracite Grey 2500mm. This skirting board is the perfect finish for walls in both kitchens and bathrooms. Crafted under the trusted Deeplas Roomline brand, it offers high-quality and durability. The anthracite grey colour adds a touch of sophistication. Its length is a generous 2500mm.

Key Features of Plastic Skirting Board Deeplas Roomline Chamfered 100mm Anthracite Grey 2500mm:

Firstly, let’s discuss its features. This skirting board is moisture-resistant. Thus, it is an excellent choice for wet areas. It’s also straightforward to maintain. Secondly, the installation process is simple. Start by measuring the walls. Then prepare them by cleaning or removing old skirting. Cut the new boards to length. You can use a fine-tooth saw or a mitre saw. Angle the corners appropriately for a seamless fit. Apply skirting board adhesive to the back. Press the boards against the wall. Ensure they are straight with a spirit level. Use spacers if needed to hold them in place. Seal any gaps with adhesive or silicone. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for drying times. Lastly, let’s talk about aesthetics. The anthracite grey colour offers a sophisticated look. This shade can be paired with lighter hues for contrast. It also complements other dark tones for a sleek appearance.

The Value of Investing in Plastic Skirting Boards:

In summary, the Plastic Skirting Board is a wise choice. It scores high on both durability and aesthetic appeal. Its moisture-resistant feature makes it ideal for rooms that are prone to dampness. On the aesthetic front, the anthracite grey shade provides versatility. It can elevate the style quotient of any room. Above all, the skirting is easy to install. It ensures your property looks polished while being functional.

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