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Plastic Skirting Board – Espumo 203 | 80mm | Warm Grey | 2400mm length

Material Plastic
Model Espumo 203
Height 80mm
Color Warm Grey
Length 2400mm


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Explore the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 203 80mm Warm Grey 2400mm length. This product excels in kitchen and bathroom settings. Its warm grey hue adds a unique touch to interiors.

Attributes and Installation:

Firstly, the material is PVC. This offers durability and eases maintenance. Secondly, the board is 80mm high. It extends 2400mm in length. This makes it flexible for different room sizes. Next, the warm grey colour offers aesthetic benefits. It can blend with many wall shades. In some instances, it serves as a contrasting element. Additionally, moisture resistance is a feature. It works well in bathrooms and kitchens. Installing the board is straightforward. Measure and cut the pieces first. Use MB Megabond Adhesive to secure them to the wall. This adhesive employs hybrid polymer technology. It provides a strong and watertight seal. Align the boards well against the wall and floor. Cut the corners at 45 degrees for a snug fit. Applying a silicone sealant along the top edge adds extra moisture resistance.

The Benefits of Choosing Plastic Skirting Board:

In conclusion, the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 203 80mm Warm Grey 2400mm Length offers both function and style. It is a durable and versatile choice for any interior space. Coupled with MB Megabond Adhesive, installation becomes effortless. It is a valuable addition to any property.

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